Our Classes

The classes are kept small (no more than 12 people) to allow me to monitor each client to ensure that they are understanding and performing the exercises at a level suitable for their ability. Modification is important for Pilates exercise success, all exercises are taught in stages and developed with modifications that can make a workout safe and challenging for a person at any level.

Classes are held at the following times:


Mixed Ability  9.30am – Kentish Town Community Centre


Mixed Ability 9.30am – Kentish Town Community Centre

If you are an absolute Beginner, then please note that you must have an introductory session first.  This will ensure that you are familiar with the principles, practice and language of Body Control Pilates and that you have a safe and enjoyable Pilates experience with me from the start.  In addition it allows us to have a more educated idea of one another and to be able to focus on your individual situation during classes, where personal attention is necessarily divided amongst all the group. This is a personalised introduction to [Body control] Pilates, for new Beginners only. £25 in the clients home.

CCPilates Group sessions cost

£11 per class and must be booked in advance.
An Enrolment Form must be filled out before attending and we have a 12 hour cancellation policy.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are also available in the comfort of your own home. These are catered to your individual needs and can be extremely effective when recovering from an injury or illness. These sessions are ideal to help you deal with many changes that you may be experiencing in your body and will help you get your body back into shape! Please contact me for further information.

Become supple, stronger and fitter!

What our clients say

Feeling ten years younger. No aches/pains. Did things in garden thought I was no longer able to do. Fired Gardener! Thank you & Pilates!
Val Simmonds

Catherine is such a great teacher, she explain things so clearly so that every exercise is done correctly by all of us. I feel totally safe in her class and for the first time I really understand what I'm actually supposed to be doing in Pilates. '
Louisa Petais